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Return Pick-up Issues

Return Pick-up Issues

A return pick-up can fail due to various reasons such as:

  • Customer not available

  • Verification failed

  • Return pickup cancelled


If you facing issues with your return pickup request, here are some steps you can follow:

  • In case you were not available during the chosen return pick-up slot, the Delivery Agent will try up to 3 reschedule attempts after calling and confirming with you. After 3 failed attempts, the pick-up will be cancelled. You can create a new return request once the existing request is cancelled.

  • Delivery Agent will check the product during the pick-up. If the verification fails, because the product is not in its original state (has been used, missing original tags etc.,) the delivery agent may cancel the pick-up.

  • At times the pick-up attempt may be automatically cancelled or un-attempted. In such cases, please create a new return request.

If you are able to confirm the product's original state and your availability during the pick-up slot, you can re-initiate a fresh return:

  1. Go to Your Orders.

  2. Select the item that you have scheduled for return.

  3. If the return request was approved, select View Return/Refund Status.

  4. Select Cancel Return. By selecting "Cancel Return" you can reschedule your pickup, make changes to your return or choose to no longer return the product. You can start a new return after the current request is cancelled.


Note: If you have already shipped your return item, we will not be able to cancel your return.

  1. Select Cancel Return.

  2. On the following page, select Cancel Return.

  3. Once the active return request is cancelled, you can create a new pick-up request in Your Orders. To schedule a return, visit How to Schedule a Return help page.

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