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Find a Missing Package That Shows as Delivered

Find a Missing Package That Shows as Delivered

Sometimes you may see your package marked as "delivered" before you receive it. It might be due to the delivery status being updated in advance while your order is on the way.


To view the status of your order or to find out your courier partner information, go to Your Orders and click the relevant order.

If your order consisted of a single item and is not delivered:

  • Verify the shipping address in Your Orders by selecting the relevant order. Click Track package and click See all updates for tracking progress details.

  • Check if the package was accepted / received by someone else

  • Wait up to 24 hours. Sometimes, the delivery agents accidentally scan the package as 'delivered', while it's still in transit.

  • You may contact the respective Courier Partner to talk to the delivery agent or for more information about the location of your package. Go to Your Orders and click on the relevant order and click Track package to find out details of your courier partner.

  • Keep your tracking number or delivery confirmation number ready. To find the tracking ID, click on the relevant order in Your Orders and scroll down to locate the Tracking ID.



  • Delivery windows vary by courier and location.

  • If your package was marked as delivered and you have not received the package, contact us within 24hour of the order being marked as delivered.

  • If your order consisted of multiple items and only few were delivered to you, it's possible that the other items in your order were dispatched in another shipment.

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