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Damaged, Defective or Wrong Product - FAQ

Damaged, Defective or Wrong Product - FAQ

All our products go through intense quality check before they are shipped. However, in rare instances a product may get damaged during transit. If you have received a damaged, defective, or wrong product, you can return the eligible products from Your Orders.


1. What qualifies as damaged/ defective/ wrong products?

  • Product has visible cut, crush, tear, broken parts, dents or scratches.

  • Product seal is broken.

  • Product arrived with parts or accessories missing.

  • Product arrived in a different size or color than what was ordered.

  • Item does not match product description.

  • Entire product missing, but box is not tampered.

  • Shipping box is damaged or tampered.


2. What to do if you receive a damaged, defective or wrong product?

If you are not happy with the product quality, you can return or replace the product. Please Note:

  • You can return any item that is eligible for return and its return window has not expired. Visit Returns Policy to Learn more.

  • Replacement or exchange of products is based on availability of products.

  • There are different processes of return and replacement for products.

  • Visit Return/Replacement FAQs to learn more


3. How to return a damaged, wrong product?

  • Go to Your Orders and follow the on-screen instructions. Visit How to schedule a Return to learn more

  • Item will be picked up as per scheduled pickup date and time, which will be communicated via email and visible in Your Orders.

  • If your address is covered by our courier partners, we’ll schedule a pick up for the package. If your address is not covered by our courier partners, you will need to return the item using any courier. Visit Return Pick-up and Self-Ship Guidelines to learn more.



The following items and situations aren't covered under the Wow Hairs Guarantee:

  • Credit card payments where the issuing bank has initiated a chargeback


4. How will the refunded money be credited?

Refund timeline will depend upon the mode of refund chosen by you. You can choose to receive the refund in your Wow Hairs Wallet Balance, original payment method or to your bank account.

  • If you had chosen “Pay on delivery” while placing an order, you can choose refund to Wow Hairs Wallet Balance or Original payment method.

    • For Wow Hairs Wallet Balance, refund will be credited to your Wow Hairs Wallet Balance Account.

    • For bank account refunds, please ensure that you add your bank account details where you wish to receive the refund. The refund should be processed via NEFT/IMPS and credited to your bank account.


Refund Timelines:

To know more about refund time period for different modes of payments see Refund Policy.


To add your bank account through website,

  1. Go to Your Orders

  2. Click on the order you want to return

  3. Select Return or Replacement items option

  4. Select 'Refund to your bank account'

  5. Select 'Choose a bank account'

  6. Select 'Add a new bank account', and enter your bank account details


5. What is the time window for initiating a replacement?

The time window for initiating a replacement is same as return window for that product category. For example, if the product has a return window of 7 days, a replacement will also have to be initiated within the same period of 7 days. Visit Return Policy to learn more.


6. How to replace a damaged product?

  • Go to Your Orders.

  • Select the product you want to replace.

  • Click on Return/ Replace items.

  • Choose a reason to replace.

  • Continue and proceed as per on-screen instructions.


Replacement will not be possible if the item you selected is out of stock. In such cases you can return the product and a refund will be generated.


  • Some products not eligible for return. Check the Returns policy for more details.

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